Juno Orders is Lightning Ready!

Preview all of our Juno Orders for Salesforce Lightning videos here.  Learn about the use cases and workflows for Juno Orders.  Get ideas on how other companies are managing their orders and projects better while improving Salesforce Lightning adoption.
  • Configure, Price and Quote
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • Issue Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Create Shipments for Customers
  • Generate Invoices once the Order is Complete
  • Manage Inventory and Service Items
  • Leverage PDF Templates for Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Shipments
  • Issue Credit Memos for Customers
  • Email Templates are enhanced with Invoice and Purchase Order Line Items
  • Synchronize with Sales Channels and Accounting

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Contact Addresses for Salesforce Lightning

The contact address feature included with Juno Orders allows you to create contact addresses beyond the two address fields that come with Salesforce.  When you’re generating a quote or an order for a customer, you always want to make sure the billing and project addresses are correct.  Sometimes, the project address is entirely different from the customer account.  Using the Contact Address feature allows you to create the additional address you want to include with the customer proposal.

Quote Customers in Minutes

Your salespeople will not only appreciate how easy our Quote feature is; they’ll love it!  Straight forward, easy-to-understand quoting for products and services.  Upgrade your CPQ today in Salesforce Lightning.

Easily Send Suppliers PDF Purchase Orders to Ship Orders on your Behalf

A very common practice in eTailing is the creation of drop shipments.  This is when you have a vendor ship an order to your customer.  By keeping track of which line items were shipped from which supplier, you’ll have 100% trace-ability into the various items that were shipped on a customer order.  We made this process easy by reducing the number of mouse clicks your staff has to perform in order to quickly get a supplier the PO they need to satisfy the customer.

Easily Send Suppliers PDF Purchase Orders to Ship Orders on your Behalf

Take advantage of the really simple Invoice creation offered by Juno Orders.  A one-click trigger generates an invoice, creates a payment (if any exists), and emails a great looking PDF invoice to the customer.  It does not get any easier.

Convert Sales Orders into Invoices and email them with PDF Attachment

Out with the old clunky Invoice processes and In with the new automated customer billing and emailing of great looking PDF invoice attachments right from Salesforce Lightning.  We’ve examined all the extra mouse clicks people suffer through for invoicing.  Those are gone.  It’s a one click process now, so you can get back to running your business.

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