Order Management for Salesforce Classic

Juno Orders is an Order Management System that runs natively on the Salesforce platform. Simplify your customer quote process, order processing and vendor interactions without leaving Salesforce.
  • Configure, Price and Quote
  • Manage Sales Orders
  • Issue Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Create Shipments for Customers
  • Generate Invoices once the Order is Complete
  • Manage Inventory and Service Items
  • Leverage PDF Templates for Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Shipments
  • Issue Credit Memos for Customers
  • Email Templates are enhanced with Invoice and Purchase Order Line Items
  • Synchronize with Sales Channels and Accounting

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Using Contact Addresses

The contact address feature included with Juno Orders allows you to create contact addresses beyond the two address fields that come with Salesforce.  When you’re generating a quote or an order for a customer, you always want to make sure the billing and project addresses are correct.  Sometimes, the project address is entirely different from the customer account.  Using the Contact Address feature allows you to create the additional address you want to include with the customer proposal.

Creating Quotes for Customers

Have you ever just wanted to create a quote really quickly and send the PDF quote directly from Salesforce with little effort?  This is the precise reason we developed the Juno Orders Quote feature.  You can create quotes really easy and they look great.  It’s that simple.

Sales Order Creation & Management

We’ve made the process for managing Sales Orders in Salesforce really easy.  Now you can create shipments, great looking packing slips, and generate invoices for customers once the order has shipped.

Generating Invoices from Sales Orders

Take advantage of the really simple Invoice creation offered by Juno Orders.  A one-click trigger generates an invoice, creates a payment (if any exists), and emails a great looking PDF invoice to the customer.  It does not get any easier.

Purchase Order Drop Shipments

The historically time-consuming process of generating drop-shipment purchase orders from suppliers has been made much easier with Juno Orders.  The streamlined process take care of making sure the right items are on the PO and the correct shipping address for the customer is listed as well.  This time-saving system will be widely used by your purchasing staff.

Issue Purchase Orders to Suppliers and Vendors

Create great looking PDF Purchase Orders for your vendors and suppliers with ease using Juno Orders.  Leveraging PDF and email templates is a big time-saver and your purchasing staff will find greater accuracy and time savings.

Using PDF and Email Templates

By integrating a robust set of PDF and email templates into Juno Orders, customers can deploy faster and produce professional Quotes, Invoices and Shipping documents in minutes.

UPS Shipping in Juno Orders

Native UPS shipping for Salesforce has arrived.  Juno Orders now includes UPS Shipping right from the Salesforce platform.  Create PDF, laser and thermal labels right from Juno Orders.  Send the labels to vendors for drop shipments or print them in the warehouse for quick shipping.

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